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Locke Steph and Desmond

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02-05-2010, 02:02 PM
My Hawaii Trip
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  1. GOBernardGO
    awww, this one is AWESOME!!!
  2. steph4136
    I know!!! I'm the perfect filling in a Locke/Des sandwich.
  3. noozman5
    I'll bet I know what Cusick was thinking.....

    This is completely awesome Steph !!!!
  4. booradley
    ^ Noozman

    I think I know what Steph is thinking!! Her husband is miles away...
  5. THEEF
    that is badass...
  6. steph4136
  7. My Name Is Benjamin Linus
    oh no, des is wearing a red shirt. will he die in the next photo?
  8. steph4136
    He'd better not!
  9. Good Omens
    Ive just licked Des's face in this photo...is that worng!!?

    ...Have you grabbed Lockes ass there..he lookes like he "twitched"!!
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