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Steph and Sawyer

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02-05-2010, 02:02 PM
My Hawaii Trip
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    He is so gorgeous!
  2. steph4136
    Isn't he though? We were talking about our kids when that picture was taken.
  3. Good Omens
    Holy Sh**!!!

    Nice work

    ...please tell me grabed his butt just after this was taken (hence no look of shock/surprise/come back to my shack?)...or you at least thought about it )
  4. steph4136
    Well why do you think he's smiling so broadly??
  5. Dead Whispers
    Wow... this is nuts you got some photos with these guys. Awesome job.
  6. steph4136
    Thanks, I'll fully admit I didn't expect to meet as many actors as I did, especially TOQ twice (my personal fave as if anyone here didn't know that lol). Talk about lucking out.
  7. booradley
    So awesome. He looks genuinely thrilled, like "hey, you're a fan?!? SURE you can take a picture of me!"
  8. THEEF
    very cool...
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