Sayid is a favorite character who deserves an album all his own!
  1. Sayid is so strong.
  2. Sayid is beautiful.
  3. Sayid has an evil smile.
  4. I am miserable!  NOOO!!
  5. Crying for Sayid...
  6. Sayid is dying!!!
  7. Sayid misses Nadia.
  8. Sayid is beautiful.
  9. Sayid is so intimidating!
  10. Sayid was a soldier.
  11. Sayid is beautiful.
  12. Sayid in captivity in France
  13. Sayid is so intimidating!
  14. Sayid is beautiful - and angry.
  15. Sayid is beautiful.
  16. Sayid is beautiful.
  17. Sayid is so intimidating!
  18. Oh, my!! 
Sayid IS beautiful.
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