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07-23-2009, 01:45 PM
Hey guys..

I am currently working with a publishing company to get the word out on a new historical romance novel. It is called "The Tuareg: Blue Man of the Sahara". It is a great read for anyone that likes historical fiction or anyone looking for a beach/summer read. You can check out more at Thetuareg.com
Book trailer (http://www.blazingtrailers.com/show.php?title=536)
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Here is a little more on the novel:

The Tuareg (1828-1830) sweeps you into the life and times of a young Virginia plantation woman, a dashing aristocratic Frenchman, and a noble, but rough-edged Tuareg chieftain of the desert.

This masterfully told story takes place in exotic and diverse locals such as London; the tents of nomadic tribes; the decadent, intrigue-filled Turkish kasbah at Algiers, and the savannah-land country of Africa’s premier slave king. Voyage across three continents, through the beautiful yet cruel Sahara and into the heart of Africa.


At first light a lone rider spotted a speck of white far off on the desert floor; instinct whispered it was human; premonition told him it was alive. Seeing airborne vultures the rider dug spurs into his camel’s flank. "Run, Lachlar!" he commanded. "Run as toward an enemy!"

The rough-hewn face of the rider echoed the shapes of the desert mountain crags; long nose, straight and ridge-like; angular cheeks as if sculpted by the wind; rock chin covered by a black beard sprinkled gray; lean, strong body – testimony to forty-three years on his beloved Sahara. Swathed in a dark blue burnous, what little skin showed through this swirling fabric was the color of a lion’s coat, but, oddly, tinged with blue. Save for glittering black eyes no other feature was visible; his face was veiled. He was a Tuareg. A "blue man" of the desert.


“The thought and care that Mr. DiGuido has put into this novel is incredible… History has collided with fiction to form this terrific book.” -Coffee Time Romance

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Are you Mr. George DiGuido?;)

Looks interesting...I'll look for a copy!

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It’s really great posts.