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08-12-2009, 09:19 PM
RonieMidfewArts.com recap

Widmore Fine Arts?
another fan pointed out that if you invert the M in midfew and take the opposite of "few" (more) you get Widmore. Ronie Widmore??

Known employees of Mr Midfew:
Alexandra Miller

DNS is ABC, this is an official ARG domain.

http://roniemidfewarts.com/dcpb/ - points to DCPB

First Appearance, comment to Paul Scheer's blog post on DCPB

Asst. said: 2009.08.01 22:13
Mr. Scheer,

We have left you 3 phone messages and you have ignored 3 emails from our office, please contact us immediately.

His next post on DCPB had this comment.

Alexandra Miller said: 2009.08.03 15:51
Mr. Scheer,

Again, I will ask you politely, please return either our emails or phone calls, as it is imperative we speak to you about the legalities of what you are doing. We will be unable to be as polite if you continue to ignore and taunt us.

Alexandra Miller
Ronie Midfew Arts

And again the next day:

lexandra Miller said: 2009.08.04 16:08
Mr. Scheer,

Again, we request that you contact us immediately and halt posting anything new on this blog.

Alexandra Miller
Ronie Midfew Arts

the website became public knowledge at some point near this time.

The next riddle about this site became the odd:

"15 Will be lost The16th Will be found"

of note:
1. the W's are capitalized.
2. The16th is both capitalized and lacks a space between The and 16th
3. 15 not 15th - as in quantity, or total 15 (things/people) will be lost

of course 15 and 16 are important as "the numbers" and parts of flight numbers 815 and 316.

Please add anything as necessary, correct, or speculate as you see fit. And please figure out what the deal is with the capitalization and the "The16th" for me.