View Full Version : is there any korean here???

06-26-2007, 10:25 PM
Hi, I'm Brazilian and I'm a big fan of Jin and Sun characters... and I've been curious about something since the very first season so I was hoping someone here could help me with this:

When Sun wants to call her husband in a kind way, she says something that sounds like "Jin ZU SHI" or "Jin Ju Xi" of course i don't know how to write it...

anyway, can anybody explain to me what it means in English?


03-22-2008, 12:37 PM
Seems like I'm the only one in Lostpedia who speaks Korean :)

When Sun calls Jin, she calls him "Jin Soo Si(pronounced /siː/)"
as you know 'Jin Soo' is his name
and in Korea, Si(in Korean, 씨) is used to call someone with respect and affection (somewhat like Mr. or Mrs. in english)
especially between adults

Hope my explanation helped :)