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  1. Yeah what good is having power if you use it responsibly?
  2. Niiiiiiice. Already abusing power. I like it.
  3. Thanks.

    *Goes to change steph's sig*
  4. Hey, congrats on being a super mod now, I just noticed.
  5. I figured that would get someone's attention.
  6. I liked that you posted that you "prefer circumcised, especially when oral sex is involved" because frankly that was exactly the type of info I was hoping to gain from reading the thread.
  7. Yeah, including eating any meal in peace...ever.
  8. Yeah a kid also will ruin the whole "I'll do whatever I want whenever I want" type of life, just as well as old age will.
  9. Ever since I had a kid, just can't do that anymore. Probably because I'm home with her all day too and she can run me ragged.
  10. Yeah 4 hours or less was enough for me until about the age of 34 then I seriously drag ass the next day.
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