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  1. I love my dictionary/thesaurus. I like to write, so it's a godsend.
    Glad he made the edit himself...I'm still a bit miffed but will build a bride and get over it.
  2. No I was just saying the dictionary is a multi-use book.
    Yes I got the reports that is why I signed on while at work but he edited the post himself at boo's request. Feel free to let me know if there are any further problems, but I'm at work and so I will be somewhat distracted.
  3. Wait...I didn't spell it wrong...unless you're picking on me and I'm not getting it.
    On a serious note though, did you get the post reports?? I wasn't too keen on being called that...
  4. Ooh that book is so useful.

    It can teach you how to spell as well.
  5. I looked it up in the dictionary.
  6. If you only joined in Dec how do you know resurrect means bring back to life?
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