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  1. I triple dog dare you.
  2. So for awhile there was two sets of those shoes then. Someone needs to create a theory about this pronto.
  3. MIB walking around isn't wearing those shoes, not sure about the body on the sand that just got buried though. Wait, MIB did have those shoes, but when he got to the Others camp he changed into his usual Locke clothes. I'm sure the body is still wearing them though.
  4. I'm about a hour north of Atlanta.

    Maybe he changed shirts during the flight. But now that you've said that I'm wondering about the shoes, does the corpse have Christians shoes or does MIB?
  5. How far down south are you?

    I just noticed that when Locke was dead, he was wearing two different color shirts. White in the coffin and when he was 'resurrected'. Then bluish when they dumped his body on the beach and buried him.
  6. Good idea but down south here I'd have no use for fur lined gloves. Maybe I'll make lucky rabbit foots.
  7. That and then line a pair of gloves with the fur afterwards, when you're done.
  8. I should try that! I imagine you can get some distance with a good kick.
  9. AWESOME. I just go for baby bunnies myself.
  10. Yes in my spare time I like to kick puppies.
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