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  1. Hi! I wanted you to know we started a Lostpedia Group on Facebook... If you are on there, just search for Lostpedia Forum - it's public and you can just join... as of me writing this there are already 85 people and I just started it 2 days ago! Would love to see you there.
  2. You have hed!
  3. Right now I'm leaning towards going to the Constitution Center with a school trip in late October that I just found out about because their teachers would be going with us. But I'll talk to "Jacob" and see when we can have you over for a Lost visit! *hehe*
  4. It's funny, for some reason I thought you lived in Florida. I have no idea why. I can't believe we live so close together. Hey, maybe you can show me the LOST shrine. I would love to meet Jacob (your hubby in his outfit) and Juliet in her Dharma outfit. I would have to get a photo.
  5. That would be so cool. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, but I never take the time to visit the sites. We have so much history and wonderful locations. If you go, I would probably meet you guys at the Constitution Center. I kinda like the idea of the movement. I'm not angry enough to protest, but I agree with there ideas. We really need a third party in this county. I hope you guys go, it would be great to meet you.

  6. If I decide to go I'll send you a PM for sure. So cool we live so close! I had no idea...
  7. Have you been following OccupyWallStreet? It's not easy because the news isn't following it much, but there's basically a revolution going on - sort of like in Egypt and Algeria and much like when the Tea Party started before it got taken over by the Right Wing, only this came from the Left Wing.

    The interesting thing is that many of the people who were in the first protests of the Tea Party - that then abandoned it, are joining the Occupy movements. So you see a lot of End the Fed and Pro Ron Paul posters within the group. I'm fascinated by politics... and my kids are learning about the American Revolution, the real John Locke, The Declaration if Independence and all of this falls right in line with those lessons. (we cyber school) If we do go, we'll be heading to the Constitution Center and then pop over to Independence Hall to see and maybe talk to some of the protesters. If you want to know more go on youtube or twitter and do a search...
  8. Hey, I live in havertown, about 20 minutes away from King of Prussia. I live a few minutes away from the blue route/route 3. I'm not sure what you meant by the OccupyPhiladelphia, but if its cool and I can, I'll check it out with you. It would be so fun to talk to someone who cares about LOST as much as I do.

  9. You're from Philadelphia? I live near King of Prussia! I'm thinking about going down to the OccupyPhiladelphia in the next couple of days to check it out... you still live around here?
  10. I just now saw your comment in the Sun is a candidate thread about the Ilana video. I totally forgot I posted it in there! I responded there too, but thanks for the feedback. I really like watching music videos, they are getting so much better than they used to be in MTV days, but you have to look for them on youtube. Some can be really powerful too... Simple Plan has one about drunk driving that blew me away - it's called 'untitled':
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