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  1. And here's a funny thing that's not really related. If you want there to be a thread about you, you have to stick around and wait until someone likes you enough to make one. It took 3 years before people started to notice me, and that was when I suddenly got a thread dedicated to me AND a birthday thread. Yay self esteem.

    I only brought that up because this one veteran user, MPVLost, got really really pissed that no one made him a birthday thread last year that he started attacking other users, especially the "popular" ones. And in the end, he personally asked a mod to ban him. That's not something that should happen to you or anyone else.

    Anyways, I hope something gets worked out between yourself and TR.
  2. Gotcha, though there are many users here who got banned way after (BabySmokey, Bocaj).

    The "me" thread is unique and too difficult to explain really. Malion is our resident funnyman, and the thread was started as a joke of sorts and now it's like the Random Thread but more...random. So you're right that it's a silly thread that technically shouldn't be open, but it's a fun place to goof around and a symbol of escape from the 'uptightness' of the MF.

    The mods are not arbitrary with the way they handle threads, but I understand that it's not 100% fair. I'd say the best way is just look at each forum and see what's open, and especially, what lasts. Most threads last because they've actually got good talking points and such; yes, the OT has a lot of "random threads" but they all fill a niche role - the Drunk Thread, the Teen Thread, "me", the Vent and so on. Useless threads *always* fizzle out, though sometimes there's some hed-fodder hilarity that comes before they're gone.
  3. I only mentioned my time here as a "If I was a troll I'd been hammered along time ago."

    Well it seems as if something is up. I see the "me" thread which is essentially the same as the Zelix thread is back open. There are several threads in that same vain open and active. Why close the thread I started and leave those open? In fact my thread was shut down before I had a chance to fully develop it.
    I have been pming with Tokyo Rose as that particular mod seems to be vigilant in closing my threads. I can't seem to get a precise definitive answer as to what is a "good thread" vs. "soon to be locked thread."
  4. "now that I've got your attention..."

    Okay, maybe you're not a troll (note that seniority doesn't mean that much). But for some reason you seem to think that the mods are out to get you when really they're not, and you've failed to show proof that they are. You started a thread and posted some bitter comments which really won't do anything for you. If you genuinely have a problem, private-message a mod and work it out with them.

    Try again once you have a good thread idea (advanced search is your friend), it'll be fine, aye?
  5. Sorry if it seems as if I'm 'trolling' to you. It's a bit annoying that ANY thread i start gets slammed. If you'll notice I've been here for a while. I'm not trying to troll, merely participate. It's discouraging when everyone else can make a thread without worries but I can't.
  6. Zelix there's no point in your trollery and attention whoring. LP is a very accepting place, and no one's out to get you as long as you play by the rules and be cool. Now, would you please let go of whatever locked/merged thread you're doting over and just move on and enjoy LP? Thank you.
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