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  1. Thanks, DD!! I did have an awesome day! I spent it in Canada with BR and LC

    Best wishes and hope you have an awesome day!!!

  3. Are you on facebook? If not, you should be!
  4. Thanks guy! I am healing more slowly than I'd like, but that's what I get for waiting until I'm almost 30 to get it done

    Glad you like the vid
  5. Oh, Frex, I watched the vid on Seals' page and ouch, but wow, I so want some of what you are on, post-op. You're one in a million Frex!! Get better soon.
  6. Yay! I'm getting rather familiar with the Aussie accent thanks to my cousin Do one now!!
  7. If all I had to do to get noticed around here was be on your firends list I would have done it eons ago! Loved your vid though, its cool to hear LPians in the raw (so to speak). I need to do one soon so you can hear my Aussie drawl!
  8. No need to be sorry, I meant when I said "thanks". It was only appropriate that I die and not another innocent. Especially with that spectacular death scene!!
  9. Sorry bout that, but I figured once the rest of the civvies found out you had pardoned a wolf they would have lynched you anyway. Thanks for a great game Frex, heaps of fun.
  10. Thanks for eating me last night. Even if I was going to take care of myself before you got there...
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