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  1. Yeah, I won't make it.

    And btw I'm reading Illy and JLR's wedding got happy when I got shot! Shame on you.
  2. Big event in the last episode? Pfft, try every episode! The show is fucking intense. I love it.

    And yes, Season 4 starts on the 17th! So you better hurry up!
  3. You have no idea! I've been hiding from spoilers cause I've heard there's a big event at the end of S3!

    And yeah dude I love this show. I need to catch up already. I believe the next season is about to start.
  4. I had no idea you watched it! It's an amazing show. It's top notch television, really, I rate it higher than Lost and it very rarely disappoints me.

    It is extremely dark, though! The S2 finale was awfully depressing.

    It only gets better
  5. You should know something...I love Breaking Bad! But I haven't caught up yet. I've yet to watch Season 3. I'm hoping to catch up on DVD soonish. That show is AWESOME.

    And I love how you have that mariachi from that one episode in your sig. Yeah science!!
  6. Spanish Forums. ASAP.
  7. Lol, I'll pass dawg. I'll mostly be in and out anyway, much like on LP. I just so happen to have too much time on my hands this weekend.
  8. I'm orange! Dave made me an Admin, noob

    Would you like cool mod powers?
  9. I says you, me, and five guests. So what?
  10. I just orange myself.

    Look at the Who's Online thingy.
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