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  1. You have Juliet hed.
  2. Exactly... I don't know for sure that he's stringing them along, but I almost hope so, it's so ludicrous.
  3. 'can't tell if serious' libby faces hahaha
  4. hed alert.
  5. Took me a minute to figure out what you meant... our time stamps are different. Thanks though!! You have more hed, btw.
  6. 01:11 PM was EPIC
  7. I did realize it and made an edit a few hours ago haha
  8. I'm pretty sure you are being Goofy Trolled... (messed with by Whatswhat)
  9. You have light hearted hed....
  10. No no don't delete it, haha. nothing really came of it, so it's ok.
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