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  1. Check for hed...
  2. You have hed.... again. Stop being such a muse. :P - no, don't stop. ha
  3. Yea I mean maybe he did it, but the fact is we will probably never know exactly what happened for sure. I'm sure something inappropriate happened from both ends, actually. But people ready to string him up is a little harsh, based on the info that exists. And I'm the bad guy for judging the accuser based on the facts I see about her... =/
  4. So glad I'm not the only one refusing to assassinate Fox. Geesh.
  5. hahahaha exactly!!
  6. Wanted to make sure you saw this.
  7. Ouch. Well usually it's more than a one liner that causes the trouble. =)
  8. I think you could use one of these.
  9. Haha, elaborate indeed!
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