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  1. I think The walking dead reminds of Lost, esp now in the third season, in both good and bad ways.
  2. I haven't gotten into Walking Dead myself.
  3. Oh yes I think I remember that. Congratulations anyway if I haven't said it before!
    lol I can tell you I'm unemployed now and have been since early December. But I've been taking a class now for a month so I have something to do at least. Although I should just have about a month left so then I'm unemployed again, unless I take another class.
  4. I've been good. I got married. How about you? Or should I just go read Gilli's page?
  5. Well barely! (and yes I think it is!) How have you been?
  6. Dude! Your alive! (That's a Hurley quote right?)
  7. Open your eyes dude, it's only me
  8. How have you been?

    We've rebooted PoL again (yes again lol)
  9. Hey man
  10. Dude, PoL is back
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