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  1. Thank you! A well done one too... I never saw it coming.
  2. You got hed!
  3. You have hed.
  4. You make me blush... I'm so glad you liked it. I've been toying with writing another story because so many people have been giving me ideas on his 'loophole' plan. It would be filling in MIB's POV from 1954-until he turns into FLocke... Not sure how it would work because I do better if I have 2 POV's to write and switch every other chapter. An entire story with JUST MIB might be difficult to pull off. Plus I have no time right now.
  5. Thanks for bringing up the light was planned thread. It was nice to have a small bit of good ol' fashion Lost enjoyment among all the snarkiness lately.
  6. You have hed!!
  7. I just saw your comment in here... didn't realize you answered me cause I only get notified if you write on my wall... I've written songs before and many of them were very dark too, in a different way. I think it's healthier to get those dark feelings out via songs and art and the like than other ways. It's sort of like therapy. *hehe* Songs inspired by Lost are ones I for sure want to take a listen to!! Be sure to keep in touch and let me know...
  8. Be sure to check the video I made for you in your Patsy Cline thread.
  9. Did you write it? I've heard of Koontz but not read his stuff. I actually like the music, but yeah, the lyrics aren't generating any buzz in me... I tend to be open to trying different stuff out just in case, though. And I always want to know what creative stuff my friends are up to, even if it isn't my personal taste.
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