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  1. Two posts actually. I found a "Goodbye Lostpedia" vid on YouTube and wanted to make sure the forums weren't shut down.
  2. Nice to see you make a appearance even if it was for only one post.
  3. Hopefully that is a good kinda busy. How is the new place?
  4. Yeah...I've been a busy lady.
  5. Hey you long time no see.
  6. Sup kid?
  7. Oh I haven't started a account yet just lurked some so far.

    You can suggest a name for me if you like and if I do make a account maybe I'll use it.
  8. You have a penis. They'll be fine. It's nice to have another LPer on there. What's your username?
  9. Hope it all goes well but from what I read on the IW forum it does seem like it will be uncomfortable.

    I'm thinking of starting a thread there but I know those guys will ripe me a new one.
  10. Friday
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