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  1. You won the first two rounds, then we pwnd you with my amazing pacxon and airplane throwing abilities
  2. orly? I didn't remember well anyway, aren't we supposed to lose?

    in any case our team was waaaaaay better from the beginning
  3. by the time the game ended Loser was still winning

    Btw, I finally found the new Fringe episode
  4. nope, failure > loser.
  5. Scrabble tournament- still interested? New poll to finalize players list.
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Once the week ends and I get rid of Katie's avatar, you'll have control over for a week it if you join without quitting

    I'm still not sure about this, so I'm not closing the deal soon
  8. meh, not really interested
  9. So have you changed your mind on playing T4400AS yet? We're 8 and it doesn't look like anyone else is joining
  10. you're a bit late, buddy
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