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  1. Belated happy birthday I totaly VMd you one hour before, sorry I missed it August birthdays are the best.

    So, anyway, remember Nexium the purple pill? I think the video lost its sound I was just gonna post it somewhere lol


    that is so hilarious/adorable/WTF-worthy.

    and omg, the corner kick -- SO CUTE! LOL XD
  3. That's not weird at all, he always scores
  4. wtf I think I had a dream I was watching some Mexican futbol game and Chicharito got a goal

  5. I'll be there in a moment.
  6. Night post now?
  7. There's a thread in the Games Forum waiting for your seal of approval
  8. well damn, I've already opened tabs for 2 mafia games, 2 other forums, and 2 social networking sites... I can't do everything at once Coming
  9. So you're gonna tweet about the ADF but not visit it?
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