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  1. 2 months late, but barely active, haha.
  2. Are you still active? 0_0
  3. On Game Over's page.
  4. I didn't hear it! where? when? how?
  5. You hear that, MR? We're f***in' awesome!
  6. I Googled "fisting" (risky, I know) and got a pretty good pic. I think he'll appreciate it.
  7. LOL! PM him, I'm sure some offers are still on the table.

    Ohhh, right.

    I just wanna put one picture!
  8. I couldn't even get my birthday sex from that thread...

    idk, I don't wanna spam him, he's our pal now!
  9. I noticed..

    Any pictures we could spam him with?
  10. It got closed...

    wonder why??
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