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  1. I noticed that, I read through a bunch of threads yesterday to get a feel, and I was biting mine the whole time.
  2. It will be hard......I've bit my errr, tongue quite a few times in the past few weeks.......
    I think some are more brazen when you're not around
  3. Ill try, but my drunken jedi skillz are to much for some to handle

    And is he from greece.
  4. Glad you're back
    Try not to get banned again!!!

    btw, I think Summers is still here, lurking around as another user but is too afraid to admit it is him
  5. Oh no I hope this guy dosent report me
  6. "GBG was refering to GBG. Giddy up. "
    one of the many reasons I ♥ u
  7. well...thats what I'm going to do now too
  8. Giddy up pnostos, hes a clown, dont let him get you down.
    Yeah I dont even engage him, at least summers makes an effort to discuss.
  9. yes, but summers isn't the reason for me....its pnostos or whatever his sn is..

    uuggghhh.....infuriating...and to be honest its making me sad that I'm letting it bother me the way it'm taking a break from any Locke discussing today....atleast for an hour or too
  10. WHAAAAAHAHAHA! Now you see the real reason for the army of hate.
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