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  1. I wish online school was an option when I was a kid! Of course, are you worried at all they might not make many friends, or is getting a good education on the front of your mind?

    As for Mafia...well apparently newbies get killed most of the time, but I have done surprisingly you might not like it if you joined and then got killed off right away. But I'm telling you, it's great! I have no idea when another game is starting up on here, though, so no rush or anything, but think about it.
  2. We're all really excited about the change. Regular school was just not working for them. They love learning, but the system was awful.

    I might like the detective game better - the Survivor game was all about people making secret alliances to vote other players out, the challenges were really a joke. And the old players just picked us new ones off like redshirts. Not fun.

    We'll see how it goes. I don't like to make commitments I can't actually do.
  3. Cyber school? Like online?

    Well that sucks. Not for them, I know they are getting an education haha!

    It's pretty much a game where everyone gets a role at the beginning, and then from there you have to decide who to kill as a group each day, and you have to make cases why and defend yourself if people target you. It's pretty crazy.

    Maybe you could try it sometime, I don't think it's anything like the Survivor game where you have to complete challenges. It's more of a detective/mystery type game, if you're into stuff like that.
  4. Wish I could - my kids start cyber school soon so that's going to take a lot of time. It's why I had to kill off all my characters in the other game. haha!
  5. Most of the peeps in Mafia are OT posters, so I'm not sure why the board is dead lately? :/

    I think you would like it btw. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to suck at it, but it's pretty easy and super fun. You should play next time a game starts.
  6. Is that why the board is so dead lately?? I just wrapped up the role playing game over on the Protector of Light game.... had so much fun with that killing off Keamy, Jacob, Ilana and MIB.

    I never played mafia - but the survivor game was really lame.
  7. Oh hey, no prob! You too, Del! Sorry I haven't been around much to fight the good fight, but the Mafia game in the Games forum has been taking up most of my LP time. Once that's over, I'm sure I'll be back to kick some disliker butt! Haha!
  8. Just wanted to thank you for being so friendly on the board. It's nice having you around.
  9. Well you could always put at the beginning of the post...

    "Just so you all know, this is shameful self-promotion..."

    Do what you will Delphina!

    Hey have you ever played Mafia? I'm on my first game right now and it's really fun. I saw you did the Survivor thing so I was just wondering. Next game they have you should get in on it!
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