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  1. Say hi.
  2. Good, nice to hear from you again
  3. Ahaha. Yeah, that mistake's been made before. I'm km on RU.
  4. Whisp! Hey, I have a question, I remember you said something about RU when you left TW ... who are you there? I always thought you were Whispers until a couple of days ago we started talking about FPM and it turned out he was Whsipers

    Any chance we'll be hearing from you in TW? SF started posting for your storyline a couple of days ago
  5. Well, it's better than nothing
  6. Sortofnotreally. :P

    But I'll be checking in more often to LP than I have this year.

    I'll attempt to do TW over the summer, but I'm going to have to drop out when school starts up again.
  7. Are you back as in back back?
  8. QM is possibly starting soon, you in?
  9. Tomorrow I won't be here, I'll leave for 2 weeks to Argentina

    You can answer once I get back, just make sure Hurley and Jin aren't killed off
  10. Haha. Sounds like a sales pitch.

    I'll think about it and tell you tomorrow.
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