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  1. Hell, it's probably a long way off... there's quite a few games between now and then.
  2. Good God, that sounds awesome. :P

    I'd REALLY love to, but I'm starting school again in a few weeks and I doubt I'll have time to keep going (if I haven't been killed off). These games usually last about a month, and the last thing I want to do is drop out.

    I'll definitely think about it, though.
  3. Come back and play a little Mafia then! BR and I are putting together a kick-ass Recruitment Mafia, where most players start out as Civvies, and they gain abilities when they are recruited to the teams...
  4. Haha, wow, I didn't realize how much I miss mafia, or any strategy game for that matter. :/

    There was a civvie team. It was organized like this: Civvies vs. Mafia vs. Cult Leaders vs. Serial Killer vs. Kidnapper. Win conditions: Civvies =Everyone else dead. Mafia = Everyone else dead. Cult =Everyone but Cult Leaders dead. Serial Killer = Be the last person standing (SK had certain advantages). Kidnapper = kidnapped players outnumbered nonkidnapped living players.

    There were 30 players and 5 cults of 5 people each (the 5 remaining people were not in a cult). Each cult had one Cult Leader, but the rest of each cult was totally random. There could have been four mafia in one cult or none. :P Cult members could PM each other.

    This isn't confusing at all, is it? :P
  5. Hmmmm... oh yeah! Was there a 'civvie' team in the Cult game, or just several equal cults? Or was it a separate thing - Civvies vs Mafia, with secret Cults that both were parts of? How did you work the Win Conditions? Cult-based? Did it have to get down to one Cult left?
  6. Hey, Long Con, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I haven't been on LP much as you are probably aware

    Ask away about the Cult game!
  7. Hey,I'd like to ask you about your Cult Mafia game, if I may.
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