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  1. Regarding my stupid post in JJ Abrams Star Wars Thread:

  2. I'm suspicious because it doesn't make sense that all these really-intent-on-posting 'fans' show up so late after the show, and seem to love topics we can always argue over... =) I want them to know they aren't fooling anyone!
  3. I think you're getting a little too suspicious of everyone MilesSmiles.......

    .......... Wait are you LA Xative?
  4. He seems to be the latest but who knows. It'll be quite a while before I believe no one is messing with us anymore. And with the ease of anonymity/re-signing-up, it makes it harder. I think signups should have been cut weeks ago, once spam became an everyday thing like its been.
  5. Oh Him! I Guess He Could Just Be A Troll, I Had Thought He Was Just A Confused Fan At First, But It Does Seem Like He Could Be A Troll. I Know At This Other Website I Sometimes Go To LA Xative Happened To Be A Member And Sent Me A Message. He Says He Already Has An Account Here, Do You Think This Could Be Him?

    EDIT: I'm not sure why I capitalized everything
  6. Dammit, I meant to leave you a vm. Check my page and my comment I made to myself, was supposed to go to you =)
  7. Who Do You Mean?
  8. There's a troll and you be feedin' it!!
  9. Graaaar!! Stop discussing things!!! MS ANGRY!! =)
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