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  1. aw fuck Dave that's so cool you stopped by! i'm sad i missed you. COME BACK AGAIN SOON. i hope you're well too!
  2. Hope you are well bro!
  3. I probably will hit up ADF soon then...

    I know where Oak Forest is, it's not toooo far. But I've never heard of River Park. I live in Oak Park. Geez, and im right next to River Forest, it's like the suburbs here just use different combinations of the same five words
  4. dude, you should hit up the ADF! It's slowly being revived

    as for chicago, i was there twice actually lol. My aunts live there, in Oak Forest.. er.. maybe River Park? I dunno, but its really nice there. We may be back through there and I will DEFINITELY be taking you up on a brew and a walk around the city dude. Where do you live?
  5. Duude you were in Chicago? I'm super pissed you didn't let me know! It would have been so cool to meet you. And I could have showed you around all the hoppin' joints!

    Anyway nice to see you around here again!
  6. Haha yeah, I saw that! My buddy emailed me about that. Was a pretty good ep for sure
  7. i dunno if youve been watching american dad lately but they just had an episode where my morning jacket was featured prominently, and i thought of you
  8. also, happy b-day!
  9. dude im loving community. the first ep was kinda shaky, but its really developed into its own deal. Fucking awesome
  10. Awesome!
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