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  1. You going to be near Philadelphia? That's where I live! I know it well.
  2. The one with Hurley and Miles? Love it!
  3. You may appreciate the hed I've just made...
  4. I've seen those, they're hilarious! He played a completely different character on Dexter by the way. Funny faces aside, he's a great actor
  5. Haha! I've only seen one scene of Dexter with Mark on Youtube, but that's it... With him, it's all about the hair style too. Spiky is best like on Totally Lost videos with Titus.
  6. I don't know if you've seen Dexter, but..
    . Yeah it's more a "Mark thing" than a Jacob thing I think ^^

    P.S Thanks for the add
  7. Glad you liked it! *hehe* Yeah, I think Mark is very handsome, but there are so many shots that catch him at the wrong angle and he is totally 'derp!'
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