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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????

    England? Did you go to the wedding (or at least pick up a souvenir.... like Prince Harry )

    I've missed you
  2. hey back! i was just thinking of you the other day.

    yeah, i'm not here really anymore. lots has changed, too. i live in england now

    anyways, hope you're doing well.
  3. heya lady! everyone's gone
  4. ahahahaha awesome! talk soon
  5. gotta jet - ttyl

  6. that's the way to do it - make them follow your rules

    yeah - the distance thing is not good but we manage to travel back and forth and talk on the phone each night
  7. hehe. it's my channel, they speak my language

    yay for the bf being out! i don't envy you guy's distance thing.
  8. hope you're all brushed-up on your language skilz

    its going OK the BF was in town for a couple of weeks over the holidays - I gave him a honey-do list
  9. heheh. yeah.

    i set up a channel in irc just for west coasters to hide in. right now there's me and a bunch of europeans in there. lol.

    how's it going?
  10. Yay! iss just like old times; waiting for LOST to air, yelling at spoiler droppers ...
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