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  1. Cool, let me know what you think.
  2. I'm on episode 3 of the last season. Slowed down a little because school started and all. But I'm watching it right now.
  3. Have you finished the Wire? Have any final thoughts on the season and the show as a whole?
  4. Interesting, a lot of people consider the fourth season to be the strongest, but maybe you'll change your opinion by the end. One thing that I've noticed is that those of us who watched the show as it aired seem to like season 4 better than those who marathoned through it later on dvd. I guess it's kind of weird to go immediately from the whole Barksdale arc of the first three seasons to season 4 in which the Barksdales are gone and McNulty has a reduced role. I think the Barksdale story as a whole is the strongest part of the show, but that as a single season of TV on it's own, I like season 4 the best.
  5. I'm at episode 7 and honestly I'm not feeling it. I liked season 3 and 1 better (so far). I guess I miss the Avon and Stringer story, and how McNulty and the police tried so hard to take them down. I still have six episodes left of this season so lots of time.
  6. So how you liking season 4 of the Wire?
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