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  1. Thank you!
  2. Done! Good luck.
  3. hey S/S! could you like this video so my friends can win a contest to meet their favorite band? It would mean a ton, they're so close to winning!
  4. Yesterday would've been two days late.
    Jk, thanks!
  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I meant to wish it yesterday but forgot.
  6. Oh maybe you need to be friends with Coxie. You know what to do.
  7. ha, i can't see the page. It says I dont' have permission But i get where you're gettin' at
  8. Tell LA. Thanks, I rather like it myself.

    *totally did not C+P my last VM*

    [see convo between Coxie and me for joke]
  9. i really like your sig. the green is awesome, and charlie's cool, and it's just cool in general
  10. Well the intro is like...half the song.
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