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  1. dude that was awesome. we gotta chat it up more often

    go to sleep punk ass

  2. Hunter says: Maybe ill get to know you better so I can coerce you into letting me visit

    quoted for proof.

    also, msn hates you I think
  3. haha work the kinks out dude...


    *read the last line of my last PM and then read this VM*

  4. Having some trouble working the kinks out
  5. *nudges to get on msn*
  6. get. on. NOW
  7. Yeah, Slaughterhouse was great, but i really love Galapagos - one of his newer ones. Do you have msn perchance?
  8. I think Slaughterhouse is my favorite book, well, its extremely hard to make that claim for any book. But it is up there. I love science fiction and I love time travel!

    And Yeah, we have quite a few groups in common
  9. as for Vonnegut, Galapagos = my favorite. Well, one of them...
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