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  1. what's up, man? hows it hangin?
  2. now we gotta catch up on msn
  3. awesome man, glad you're back!
  4. Yo dude! I literally jumped on just to message you! I havent been on in so long, don't get me wrong I havent been doing anything crazy like missing any episodes but I hadnt been on here in a while. But I havent even posted on the board I just wanted to see if you were doin well, Im sure we'll talk later bro. Take it easy!
  5. dude, you jump on LP and dont even fucking drop me a message? Fine, I see how it is

    haha jk dude
  6. *tackles*

    dude, come back soon, but play nice
  7. man, I really dug that ep - I liked the pacing of it, and even though I'm not into the relationship aspect of the show, I was cool with the middle bits. Matthew Fox made a recent comment about that in an interview where he said he's bored with that aspect of the show.

    I liked seeing them not all lovey-eyed together (Jack and Kate) or whatever, you know, just really like played it low on the relationship stuff, more just character development. Nevermind, I'm waaay too tired to attempt to talk about LOST right now. talk to you tomorrow dude
  8. 37 minutes left til I can watch the ep! I'll be back here soon man, I'll hit you up.
  9. I cannot wait for this episode - ill be on later tonight dude, just got to work.
  10. *slaps*

    so, what are some of your favorite eps dude?
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