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  1. Yeah they do, just another example of Admin being unable to do something fairly simple to benefit the forum.

    Yeah but I have a tendency to tune her out when she gets talking about facebook or pintrest.
  2. God these fucking emots suck so bad.
  3. I know. But your woman does and we're friends.
  4. I don't facebook.
  5. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I know most everyone that was a mod is pretty much done, which is cool and I get why. Things sucked bad during the hay-day here. But if I really need it, I'll ask. Plus I know where to find you on FB mwhahahahah
  6. Just read some of your convo with Gilli (cause I'm nosy like that), and yeah while I'm done being a active participant on this forum if you ever need a hand I think my contact info is still in the mod forum.
  7. I have like 3 ideas for a new poll everyday on my drive to work but have forgotten them by the time I get a chance to jot them down.
  8. Yup, considering you suck at it now you lazy turd.
  9. You know now that you did a poll for the countdown thread all future polls are your responsibility right?
  10. Well I would have noticed it soon enough then.
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