team ben

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  1. lilkatielady
  2. lostaddict12
    Ben Ftw <3
  3. BunnyNumber8
    Ben is my constant ...
  4. lilkatielady
    Back off girls. LA, you get M.E. of course.
  5. Ben's_Da_Best
    Hi everyone...I figured since everyone knows Ben is the best guy on the show (and the world for that matter) that I should join his group!

    Hope its cool...

  6. The Smiley-Faced Balloon
    The Smiley-Faced Balloon
  7. Lost Fan 4815162342
    Lost Fan 4815162342
    I have respectfully submitted my membership. We all know Ben will win.
  8. Coriolanus
    Hello fellow Benjamites. Today I'm joining every Ben group on LP in celebration of the "Man with the Plan".
  9. Lost Fan 4815162342
    Lost Fan 4815162342
    A wise decision on your part. Be part of the excitement; travel the world; wake up rich men in the middle of the night and make threatening statements.
  10. Lost Fan 4815162342
    Lost Fan 4815162342
    Ben friends, you might get a charge outta this report from Access Hollywood. I found it on Approaching Lost blog so it a clip w/i a blog. It's priceless:

    Access Hollywood report

    Be advised it will go directly into another nominee (Howie Mandel) when Emerson's segment is finished
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