I Spam My Friends User Page With AD And 30 Rock Quotes And I'm Proud Of It!

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  1. AlaskaDave
    ah a new group!
    I want to apologize for all this starting, but it really makes me laugh and its great to wake up to like 10 new posts on your user page, right?

    So, i'm going to keep doing it.. feel free to add when you can. What a way to make the day better, right?

    I love you guys
  2. shirinma83
    Haha I thought you were kidding awesome

    Forum patrolling and spamming
  3. AlaskaDave
    lol I was being serious

    yes, forum patrolling, spamming, and writing. I wish I could send these pages to a professor so they could let me know what they think. Actually, i think i'll do that!
  4. AlaskaDave
    also, I'll be back in a bit
  5. shirinma83
    Actually, i think i'll do that!
    hahah , no you won`t that would be a tiny huge mistake
  6. i sell seals!
    i sell seals!
    this is awesome!!!
  7. Roo
    What an awesome idea for a social group!
  8. AlaskaDave
    haha yes, I'm glad for two things:

    1) you guys are cool "like that"
    2) you guys will spam back

    it doesnt have to be everyday and it doesnt have to be quotes, but... when the spirit moves you, SPAMETH!

  9. Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Dharma Ranch Dressing
    I'm in...but just one request: limit mine to AD quotes. I've tried to get into 30 Rock...but I just haven't found the right episode to get me hooked yet. Any suggestions?
  10. i sell seals!
    i sell seals!
    this is a funny one. actually, any of them from s2 are awesome!
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