Time Travel Isn't Everything

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  1. nomadic_1
    Welcome. If you feel like I do that time travel is not going to be the end all/be all of the show then hop aboard.
  2. Whitesnake
    I need an icon lol.
    Thanks for the invite. Thought I was the only one who felt this way.
  3. bloodknot
    I sure hope time travel doesn't become the main focus. It's a cop out, as simple as that. I hope the writers are a little more creative than that. If it does become the scapegoat for everything, I am gonna be 1 PO MF.
  4. lilkatielady
    Time travel is a big part of the show but it is rediculous how many theories seem to use it as a catch-all. And constants too. Only a few people need them. Why does everyone wonder who everyone else's constants are?
  5. nomadic_1
    Maybe they should be wondering who their own constant is since part of them seems to be unhinged
  6. jetthammer
    The smart people must gather here.
    Count me in!
  7. nomadic_1
    In light of the finale last night I'd have to say we're right

    Ben's displacement in time seemed to be a consequence of moving the island and definately not something he planned.
  8. Whitesnake
    LOL now I guess we know what the "frozen donkey wheel" clue Darlton gave us at the beginning of season 4 meant. So much for time traveling, if you want to call moving a frozen wheel time traveling that
  9. Sayidfan33
    OMG people with some common sense!!
  10. potterhead23
    Yes, thank you. Time travel is interesting and all but if the writers use it as a cop-out I'm going to flip. I'm sick of all the theories about how so and so knows everything because they've been through this before. There have to be better reasons!
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