Team Red Sox

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  1. ali10
    also stephen king is a red sox's fan!
  2. Execute
    Yeah but you ever notice 90% of the time you see Stephen King at a game he is reading a book? Unacceptable. Unless your holding a Fenway Frank and a cold beer, your hands should always be free in case you need to flip off a Yankees fan.
  3. ali10
    ahahhaa you're right! stephen should apologize for that!
  4. Execute
    Congrats to Manny on getting his 500th homerun last night!
  5. BabySmokey
    Red Soxs SUCK!!!!!!!!

    Yankees are kings!!!!
  6. Faradayfan4815
    So, I'm a life long Sox fan who grew up in NE Ohio... Ever since 2004 I've been catching crap from people calling me a front-runner. The only hats I have worn since I stopped playing in rec leagues (almost 15 years ago...) are Sox hats. (Well, except my Steelers knit hat I wear snowboarding.) Anyone else have a similar experience?
  7. Execute
    Never been called a frontrunner. I grew up around these parts so have been a lifelng Sox fan
  8. LostLocke
    Living in Chicago, the thing that got me into the Red Sox, was in fact Lost. The fact that they won the World Series not too long before the episode that Christian declares..."The Red Sox will never win World Series." Darlton must have been rolling their eyes when they won, probably thinking "Why this season of all seasons?"
    And what clinched it for me...Papelbon. It fact, the only non White Sox t-shirt I own is the Red Sox with Papelbon's name and number.
  9. BabySmokey

    Idiots sold Manny! HAHA!
  10. Ben's Crazy Ego Waffles
    Ben's Crazy Ego Waffles
    I love red sox!
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