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  1. fredcar
    hahah, so like the 4 of us or whatever around here can all hang out ?
  2. blueeagleislander
    oh theres some more.

    i think.

    somewhere. <_<
  3. froglars
    disparaging the boot is a bootable offense, it's one of our proudest traditions!
  4. blueeagleislander
    Heh. I see you've played knifey-spooney before!
  5. blueeagleislander

    "Lost is notorious among Australian fans for its completely incorrect accents (with the exception of Emilie de Ravin, who is Australian), its hilarious geography goofs (judging from the view out the window, Boone's hotel room seems to be hung in mid-air over the harbour) and the fact that anyone in Australia (shown in flashbacks) seems to be less intelligent and with less common sense than the main characters, who are mostly American. But that's understandable, really. America has only known about the existence of Australia since the 1980s. "
  6. Diamond Dog
    Diamond Dog
    So are we just about it for the group? At least we cover the country pretty well (Frogs is in Melbourne yeah?). Just remembered there's also Addicted2Lost, he's in Melb, but I haven't seen him on the forums for a while.

    Bleag, that quote is so true and its worse cause I live in Sydney, when they had all the flashbacks in S1 & 2 around the city they were all so wrong!
  7. blueeagleislander
    I think that's all of us.

    But if you see anyone, even, no, especially noobs , point em over here

    I think we have all the major cities except Brissy. (Hobart, Canberra, Darwin don't count)
    Hey everyone.

    I'm from QLD, just 3 hours away from Brisbane.

    Good to see a few other aussie's out there
  9. blueeagleislander
    Yay, all major cities are in
    Hey to everyone out there who has the Season 4 DVD's, Is the box really skinny and shiny? Cause if it is then I'm kinda pissed that it isn't the same size as the Season 1-3 Boxes.
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