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  1. Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Dharma Ranch Dressing
    We're going to be the most badass looking group on Lostpedia.

    *shows off tats, scowls at LP*
  2. PseuMdoYnym
    Yay! Thanks for the invite guys!

    @DRD, we're totally hardcore!
  3. Long Con
    Long Con
    I'm so in.
  4. Barney
    *rolls up sleeves*

    I mean...

    *rolls up sleeves*
  5. Illyria

    I mean!!

    I am sooo cool now.

    *lifts shirt*

    *wonders if I should get a naked merlady that I can make undulate*
  6. Barney
    Yes please.
  7. Freckles
    I don't usually join groups, but how could I pass up such a cool crowd?
  8. Barney
    I don't join many either, but come on!
  9. Barney
    Let's get more pics in here!!!
  10. GlassBallerina
    Wow I already love this group!!
    I need a better tattoo mine's rubbish, But I got it underage so no wonder
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