Our LP Family

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  1. sawyer540
    Okay. Let me take a crack at this. .

    Lola is married to Listed.
    Lola and Katie are sisters.
    Aggie is Lola and Listed's daughter.
    I am married to Aggie.
    Aggie gave birth to GT and Lola in the Sims 2.
    I am also married to GT, Rose, and Lola.

    Okay, that's too much incest. .
  2. lilkatielady
    So how exactly are we all related? I know Seals is my mom and Bauer is my dad and Lola is my sister and Blacx is my brother and Cori is my Antony. I also think I'm Trev's aunt. GT's too.
  3. i sell seals!
    i sell seals!
    i'm not sure which member of the family i am.
  4. i sell seals!
    i sell seals!
    ah. i forgot about my mommyness.

    i'm also shirin and kadaj's daughter. though they just had me to steal my credit card. and i think sail is my sister?
  5. sawyer540
    I think I should try to draw a family tree in Paint, but I don't know where to begin. .
  6. sawyer540
    Let me know what I did wrong. .

  7. Kadaj
    haiii, I'm sails father? Lol awesome

    though they just had me to steal my credit card.
    Lies! We love our dauhter sealski!!

    *edit* Btw trev you should add that pic to the gorup picture album thing!
  8. lilkatielady
    I'm not quite sure if Bauer or Seals are related to Blacx but ok. And I'm your aunt and GT's aunt btw. I'm also the mom of most of #lostpedia.
  9. sawyer540
  10. Kadaj
    Oh and also Lem and I are brothers, and lem is married to sail

    I also do recall a few people being TR's children
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