The infamous non-canon video

  1. iDREAM247
    Is giving me a headache
  2. pags
    which one is that?

    the comic con video??
  3. iDREAM247
    Yeah... but i'm over it bad morning I guess hehehe
  4. Henry Gale 108
    Henry Gale 108
    Here is what Carlton had to say on this :
    A few other things Carlton stated last night:

    1: What appears to be Faraday's voice in the old Dharma video (with the chaos and Chang in the 70's sweats) is now deemed a continuity error.
  5. iDREAM247
    So does that mean that the video may still come into play?
  6. stroh
    Nope. It's dead. A plot line they ran out of time and money for and decided to go in a different direction.

  7. iDREAM247
    Yeah I was listening to the podcast last night and was disappointed to find this out. At least it's settled..
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