Sayid Is The Man

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  1. CurbFan
    Lostpedia sums up why Sayid is such a great character perfectly:

    If Jack is a man of science, and Locke is a man of faith, Sayid is a combination of the two. He believes in facts and evidence, but is driven by faith in his own intuition. Sayid is portrayed as a man of many skills. The importance of his skills, primarily, comes from its role in the storyline, in which it is often employed in revealing new secrets of the Island. Many times, a secret was unfolded, as a result of an event triggered by one of these skills. Through the introduced secrets, new threads in the storyline are created that eventually help in its development.
  2. scocub
    When Sayid does push ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the earth down!
  3. lostaddict12
    Oh Sayid.
  4. Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Sayid once shot a plane down by pointing his finger at the airplane and saying "Bang."
  5. mike010295
    little kids wear a supman costume to bed

    superman wears a shirt with sayid on it

    The only Lostie who seems to consistently have his head on straight.
  7. Jimeni
    Sayid = Awesome!
  8. CurbFan
    Oh Sayid. How can someone with such curly hair be so damn badass?
  9. underthesetears
    I love Sayid like I love chocolate and that is saying a lot
  10. CurbFan
    But can chocolate break peoples necks with their feet?
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