Mission : Priority 1 : Summer101

  1. Rabbit8
    This is our main objective, crush his spirit, in order to quell the creation of LockeLove Man crush Threads.
  2. Atheon Crutch
    Atheon Crutch
    do we have confirmation that she is a she? i thought i read something about her going on a date with a girlfriend...not that that couldn't make her a she still
  3. Rabbit8
    She is a girl, dont want to say she is gay, think she just ment she went out with a girlfriend. Becasue if she is not a girl, he better cut it off.
  4. Atheon Crutch
    Atheon Crutch
    i think you've been had!
  5. Rabbit8
    Still a chick, he better cut it off!!!!!!
  6. Mr. Faraday
    Mr. Faraday
    I suggest we add a subtitle to the group:

    "The Rab8 Cage"
  7. campari
    Summer is hanging in tough....this is not going to be easy. if only there was an online scratch n sniff so she could get a wiff of Lockes rotting carcass.
  8. GOBernardGO
    are you all still thinking summers is a girl???
    cuz, I'm pretty sure he's a rather good looking fella
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