Boone Hill

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  1. scocub
    Hands down, the character I was most disappointed to see go was Eko. I have to admit that I got a little sad at that last shot in Cost of Living with a young Eko and Yemi walking away from the camera. I feel like if they could kill off Eko and still keep me interested that says a lot about how good the show is.
  2. CurbFan
    Eko is definitely the character I miss the most, but I found Charlie's death to be more saddening, probably because I knew Eko was gonna die. Of all the stories on Lost I think Eko's may have been the most perfect though, I know he wasn't meant to be killed off officially (had to leave because of his parents dying or something) but still his entire story was just awesome. And I can't imagine anyone will have a better last episode than him. "You do not know who I am." - Badass.

    I'm gonna miss Mikhail a lot too, he was just a fantastically crazy character, but again I wasn't sad to see him go because it was done so well. Who else would get killed off by blowing themselves up while they're underwater with a spear in their chest and a smile on their face?
  3. Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Clever group title.

    Did you ever notice that when Mikhail was outside the hatch that the spear was missing? I'm 99% positive he didn't have the spear in him when he blew himself into smithereens.

    Anyways, I agree that Eko was a big loss. Some have argued that he was essentially a Sayid/Locke hybrid...and while I see that he shared many similarities with both characters, he wasn't a clone. I would love to see how he would have reacted to the potential rescue and freighter invasion...assuming that happens. Would he go with Locke and be one with the island, or would he stay back and help guide the Losties? Still, I thought Eko's death was very well done. He was defiant, unrepentant, and unapologetic. Very Eko indeed.

    Charlie...meh, I was ready for him to go. His death scene is by far the best on the show. It got a little dusty in my house that night.

    I really didn't want to see Shannon die. Sure, she was annoying in S1, but was really changing for the better. I thought she would have an impact on the show since she was the only one to see Walt...then BOOM, she was gone. Poor Sayid.
  4. Sayidfan33
    This is a cool group.

    I wasn't emotionally attached to Boone, but the way they killed him off made me feel more sympathetic for his death. Same thing goes for Charlie. I sorta wanted him to die; however, I began to feel for him in the end.

    I wish we would have seen more of Libby. Her story never really got started. I'm proabably the only person that misses Ana Lucia. I liked how tough she was.

    But I obviously miss Eko the most. He was such a badass. And he was a man of faith. What's not to love about Eko?

    R.I.P. deceased Losties
  5. scocub
    I liked Ana Lucia too. I though when she killed that guy, at the end of her "Collision" flashback, it was totally bad ass.

    FLASHBACK to Ana in a bar. We see the guy who had been in custody before leaving the bar. Ana gets up and follows.

    ANA: Hey, Jason.

    JASON: Do I know you?

    ANA [pulling her gun]: I was pregnant.

    Ana shoots 3 times, walks over and shoots 3 more times.

    I loved that scene.
  6. AlaskaDave
    Amen, sco. i love that part. Too bad Curb thought that part was dumb
  7. GoldenB
    I didn't really care for Boone and he was the most likely candidate to die. I do like what they did with his death, however, the circle of life, the domino effect and how it changed spoiled Shannon.

    Obviously, Shannon was one of my favorite characters but I didn't like her death. It was shocking, but it sort of seemed like they just wanted to get rid of her quickly. I think a heroic death would've been better for her, showing her evolution from the beginning (a princess) to her death (a stronger, better person).

    I actually missed Ana-Lucia. She was actually important to the season 2 storyline and it kind of gets me mad when they cut her out of the recaps. I could've seen a flashback of her childhood, which was most likely rough and her mother was probably like Roger to Ben. But her death shocked me the most.

    Libby was a nice character, but if they gave her a flashback I would've liked her better. I think she's connected with Juliet.

    When I saw the black smoke, I was mentally telling Eko to run. I think his death was the most chilling (You're next) and he doesn't specify who. His memories with Yemi was sad. I know my friend was all "DAMN YOU SMOKIE!"

    I was kind of waiting for Nikki to jump up and later, Hurley would sit next to her and say "Sorry for trying to bury you". I knew Paulo was going to die, but Nikki was interesting and I would've liked to see where her storyline went.

    I was kind of waiting for Charlie to die but when it happened... it was so cool. It looks like Charlie will be the only one mentioned in the recaps ,
  8. BunnyNumber8
    Boone was cute and he shouldn't have died. I'm kidding, what bothers me is that his sacrifice hasn't been explained yet, why did the island wanted him dead.

    Shannon, well I never liked or disliked her, but I was sad to see her go, mostly because Sayid.

    Ana Lucia, I couldn't stand her at the time, but now that I know she dies, I really enjoy her epis. I wish she would come back in a FB, but that's going to be hard since Michelle Rodriguez is in jail.

    Libby, I miss her, I liked her. I still want to know her story. GoldenB why do you think she's connected to Juliet?

    Eko, why did he had to die?!?!! He was such an amazing character.


    Charlie, his story was kind of completed and he died in such a beautiful way, trying to save Claire and Aaron, so I don't regret his death.
  9. GoldenB
    Well, BunnyNumber8 I am a member of LP and I do think they might have a connection. And this is my favorite connection. So I am absolutely thrilled that you don't understand it. Silly me for sinking so low as to select something that you wouldn't know. Here I am, thinking that free will still exists on LP.
  10. BunnyNumber8
    You're gonna make me cry GoldenB My house started to shake after I read your post I think Juliet and Libby had the same colorist/stylist
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