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  1. SawyerCallsMeGrimace
    Hey all! There is going to be a forum attached to the site and I'd love some input as to what you would like in a forum. There will be a section for Lost of course and an OT. Is there anything else you would like to see? Let me know. Oh yeah, don't forget the wiki, if I can ever figure that thing out.
  2. LostHeroes
    So, I'll presume the Main Forum will be all Hed talk, how about a subforum there to talk about the actual hed, and how it came to be? That sort of stuff.
  3. Mister Derp
    Mister Derp
    Are we going to try and compete with LP as far as discussing the show goes? I can see that causing some potentially uncomfortable fragmentation...
  4. Gilliganista!
    Mister Derp, I hear what you're saying, but there are so many websites and forums and blogs out there now, there is already fragmentation. There may be divisions of loyalty, which for some of us is a time factor predominately, but I can actually see how one can feed into the other and so forth. And...after the show ends first run episodes...there will be a dropping away from all forums anyway, unless the forum has prepared to go in a slightly different direction. I can see the DHC and Hedville surviving the "Swan implosion," so to speak.
  5. SawyerCallsMeGrimace
    This isn't in any way to compete with LP. There will be a Lost forum on the site but that's not going to be the bulk of it. I want suggestions of what people would want out of a forum...any forum. The main part of the site is all about the Hed. The blogs, user pages, and forum can be about anything you guys want.
  6. Scott/Steve
    Hmm. Perhaps we could have a spoiler-patrol section?
  7. cabin fevah
    cabin fevah
    I'm not sure which forum host you'll be using but I have been to forums where they allow each user to select a skin from a predetermined set the Admin bundles him/herself . You know, color themes and such. If this is something we can opt for when putting together the initial code for the board, I say go for it.

    *I have suggestions for content/subject matter but I've got to run at the moment. Be back later.
  8. LostHeroes
    Will it be vBulletin, like LP, coz I like vBulletin!
  9. cabin fevah
    cabin fevah
    Also suggest 'Invision Power Board' as it has customizeable themes.

    The off-topic should include sub-sections for different media (T.V., Music, Theatre, Artistry, Web-finds.)

    A section for the DHC should have some sort of code that requires all new threads to contain 'DHC' in it's title or it won't post.

    Umm... I might think of more later.
  10. cabin fevah
    cabin fevah
    Is it alright if I register for Hedville now? I'm all sorts of antsy plus I like having an early member number

    Edit: Well, I joined and promptly fudged the name of my blog. It kinda works with the programmed subtitle but I had a much longer thought to finish it out.
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