1. THEEF
    Your favorite movies (post trailers if u find 'em)

    Millenium Trilogy part 1: The Girl with the Dragon tattoo (After the worldwide bestselling book,exellent story and characters) TRAILER
    Avatar (Exellent animations,good story,Great characters and directed by James Cameron) TRAILER
    Franklyn (Wierd story,but cool.Different.) TRAILER
    Amelie (Great story,great characters & great music...a must see) TRAILER
  2. THEEF
    The Chaser (Exellent story,unpredictable & wierd) TRAILER
    Millenium Trilogy part 2: The Girl Who Played with Fire (Not as good as the first but still very good) TRAILER
    Oldboy (Exellent story,violent & unpredictable) TRAILER
    Let the Right One In (This aint Twilight,American remake on the way as we speak) TRAILER
    Hardboiled (John Woo's first big hit outside America) TRAILER
  3. THEEF
    Renaissance (Very cool french futuristic animated movie) TRAILER
    Blade Runner (Classic...a must watch,more human than human) TRAILER
    Time Crimes (Wierd but still a great movie from Spain) TRAILER
    The Name of the Rose (Sean Connery's best movie & "Hellboy" is in it too) TRAILER
  4. THEEF
    Red Cliff (John Woo) TRAILER
    The Untouchables (Best gangster movie after Godfather 1 & 2) TRAILER
    Ip Man (Donnie Yen is Bruce Lee's master) TRAILER
    Platoon (Oliver Stone's Vietnam tale) TRAILER
  5. THEEF
    Moon (Cool sci-fi film from last year) TRAILER
    Sherlock Holmes (Great film from Guy Richie with Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr.) TRAILER
    Predator (Arnolds best movie) TRAILER
    Warlords (Don't think it's out in the US yet,got the dvd before christmas,cool flick) TRAILER
  6. THEEF
    Amadeus (One of my absolute favorites,great story and exellent music) TRAILER
    The Book of Eli (Sci-fi with Denzel Washington that reminds me of the Fallout game) TRAILER
    The Hunger (Vampire movie with David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. Made by Tony Scott) TRAILER
    Lost Highway (Best David Lynch movie after the Twin Peaks series) TRAILER
  7. THEEF
    The Breakfast Club (Best 80's highschool movie if u ask me) TRAILER
    The Shining (Creepy and fantastic) TRAILER
    The Original Star Wars Trilogy (Before remakes,prequels and shit) Episode IV Episode V Episode VI
    Conan the Barbarian (Arnolds second best) TRAILER
  8. THEEF
    Where Eagles Dare (One of Clint Eastwoods first and my personal WWII favorite) TRAILER
    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Not as good as I hoped but still very good) TRAILER
    TRON (See the original before the sequel comes out,dated cgi sure,but still kinda cool) TRAILER
    Big Trouble In Little China (Dated fx,lame jokes,kung-fu,uzis,swords,Kurt Russel,monsters & ghosts...whats not to like ) TRAILER
  9. THEEF
    Millenium Trilogy part 3: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Ok,I haven't seen this one yet,but I will anyday now) TRAILER
    QUIETUS: To The New World (Free Online Scifi Short film) PART 1 PART 2
    Black Dynamite (BLACK DYNAMITE, a gun-toting, nunchuck-wielding, ladies man and soul brotha' ) TRAILER
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