The Day Care Centre

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  1. The Good Twin
    The Good Twin

    (Got to keep it authentic, huh).

    Oh, and I am joining on the principle that I just turned 18 . . . And GoldenB looked a little lonely. .
  2. GoldenB
    Yes, I am lonely
  3. CurbFan
    Aw, a few days earlier and I could have joined.
  4. lostaddict12
    Me, Chubs and GoldenB are the youngest ones here...
    i don't know how old GB is but Chubs is a bit younger than me
  5. Ben's Crazy Ego Waffles
    Ben's Crazy Ego Waffles
    I don't like the fact that this is called the day care center. And there's no way I'm acting virginal! Maybe I should leave?
  6. GoldenB
    You don't have to act virginal... it would just look weird otherwise

    I'm 13 by the way
  7. lostaddict12
    me too...birthday?
  8. Lost Soul
    Lost Soul
    I'm proud to be in this group.

    Do we have a minder/babysitter?

    *throws food on to walls*
  9. CurbFan
    Go and sit on the naughty step, LS.
  10. Lost Soul
    Lost Soul
    Or what?
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