Jacob is a badass- The official Jacob appreciation thread

  1. Cryonics
    Jacob is a badass- The official Jacob appreciation thread:


  2. Richard Was Here
    Richard Was Here

    I love the main photo you are using here, of Jacob 'baptizing' the crap out of Richard. What a great scene!
  3. Cryonics
    Erm, I got the photo from the LP page on Ab Aeterno, haha.

    But thanks anyways! Yeah, Jacob is such a cool mentor kind of figure
  4. LostINZ
    I agree, he's such an awesome teacher..and he can fight! lol It's funny how our perception of Richard has changed after AB Aeterno. We knew he probably wasn't Rocky...but you see how weak and vulnerable he was after Jacob's death you actually like him more(well I did anyway), there's sort of a Count of Monty Cristo charm about him. Jacob kicks ass and he has the smarts!

    Example 1) The white rock gift passed on to MIB-must have annoyed him a bit.

    2) Handing MIB the bottle. MIB's blood must have been boiling!!! How cheeky was that?
  5. Cryonics
    ^ Yeah Jacob definitely has this wry sense of humor
  6. Headcase
    Thanks for the Invite to join. I am sick to death of reading about how MiB is not evil. Ugh!
  7. Cryonics
    No problem, Headcase. Sure, the MIB probably had a good side once upon a time, and Jacob gets angry once in a while, but overall, I'm pretty sure we're right when we say they represent their respective sides.
  8. csny11
    Jacob doesn't feel pain. Pain feels Jacob.
  9. Delphina
    I was into Lost the first few seasons, then got frustrated... when they cast Jacob (and his brother) and Jacob started to actually appear, I was hooked and LOVED the show more than ever.

    What a fascinating character. Human imperfections, temper, compassion, wisdom, patience...
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