Matthew Fox for the Emmy

  1. LostBoyJack
    Matthew Fox's ability to take Jack Shephard to so many extremes throughout Lost and particularly after his wonderful perfomance of Jack in "The End", I believe we have a duty to support this great artist and reward him for giving us 6 amazing years of Jack.
    Matthew Fox for the Emmy!
  2. LostBoyJack
    Thanks to Mattpntr for the amazing graphics!
  3. booradley
    He should SO get an emmy. I mean, I know there have been some great performances, but Matthew Fox has been consistently awesome from the first scene of the pilot to the final scene of The End. Few characters in TV history have been developed with such complexity and played with the intensity Matthew Fox brought to the role. I love people like Michael Emerson, but sometimes I think it's too easy to give the emmy to the character actor, the eccentric ones with an unusual look. I just think In years to come people will remember Matthew Fox as the backbone of the ensemble cast.

    Also, he's cute.
  4. mattepntr
  5. LostBoyJack
    I couldn't have said it better booradley! It would be a great birthday present for the guy to get that Emmy!!!!
    And yes, he's damn cute!!!
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